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Rats Sense Of Smell – Facts About Rat’s Senses

Rats Sense Of Smell This sense is one of the highly developed senses in rats and mice. They can sense all sorts of different smells which are not noticeable to the human sense of smell. 1% of their total DNA has been assigned to their olfactory receptors. They have another…

What Diseases Do Rats Carry – Rats and Mice carrier of diseases

The presence of rodents in your house can be very traumatic. On one side they destroy your home and on the other hand, their disease-carrying ability will bring you and your family at risk. There are serious diseases that have been spread by these rodents. In an awareness campaign by…

How Ants Become Pest in Perth, WA

Ants are described as tiny creatures that may not look harmful by their physical appearance since they normally come in tiny shapes and sizes. But they can create a lot of problems if they enter your kitchen or backyard especially making their nests in every half foot in your pavement…

Ants Behavior And Facts

Ants are tiny little creatures but one may look shocked once they get to know some interesting and fascinating facts about these tiny little creatures. How Long Do Ants Live Normally an average ant is so tiny in size that is one-millionth the size of a person, despite being so…

Most Common Places To Find Spiders In Your Home

Spiders are the most famous arachnids. But unluckily the fame is not in the positive connotation rather these spiders are famous for their annoyance and scaring people away. Some people suffer from arachnophobia. Some of the spiders are harmless but few can bite for their defense and their bites can…

Australian Spider Species

Australia is home to a few dangerous and venomous spider species. Spiders are part of Australian life and an essential part of our ecosystem. There is a vast range from big ones like the huntsman to the tiny spiders like the whitetail Out of more than 8000 Spider Species, many…