Policies & Compliance

Rats & Mice
Bees & Wasps
Biting Insects
Bed Bugs

1. Meeting customer expectations

We always aim to understand the requirements of our clients and meet or exceed their expectations. This includes prompt and responsive service, minimal disruption to homes and businesses, and completing work thoroughly and to a high standard.

2. Communication and education

We believe in thorough communication so that customers understand exactly what we are doing and why. Educating our customers will ensure the best possible outcomes in the long-term.

3. Health and safety in treatments

We keep treatments safe for people, pets and the environment by only using the highest quality products, and utilising techniques that minimise chemical use while maximising effectiveness on pests.

4. Skilled and trained staff

We ensure our team are all honest and committed to great service, and develop them with the appropriate training and qualifications to carry out correct and quality work.

5. Ongoing improvement

We are committed to continuous development of our staff, processes, treatments and innovations to provide the best quality service at the most competitive prices.

6. Legal and industry compliance

We maintain compliance with industry licensing conditions, relevant statutory and regulatory requirements, and stay up to date with AEPMA, AS/NZS4801, and ISO9001 standards.