Most Common Places To Find Spiders In Your Home

Spiders are the most famous arachnids. But unluckily the fame is not in the positive connotation rather these spiders are famous for their annoyance and scaring people away. Some people suffer from arachnophobia. Some of the spiders are harmless but few can bite for their defense and their bites can be quite painful. Few species of spiders can be really dangerous too. Australia is home to hundreds of native species of spiders which are ONLY found in Australia. The fatal ones are included in that list too. Funnel-back spider, White-Tail spider, and Red-Back spiders are few names.

Every Aussie knows that they have to encounter spiders during their lifetime, and it’s not only once or twice or few times rather spiders are Aussies mate in everyday life. If a person goes to work or goes out for some outdoor activity or even stays at home they sure will have a spider’s encounter. But sometimes these spiders can become a nuisance especially if your home is invaded by them. Spider infestation is a big cause why people call professional help to get rid of spiders. Their webs and presence inside and outside disturb the peace of your home. Read on to find out some of the most common places to find spiders in your home.

Hiding Spots For Spiders

Generally speaking, there are many places in your house where you can spot a spider depending upon the species and their preferences. The probability of Spiders INSIDE of your house is the same as being OUTSIDE.

Most Common species love to live and hide in dark and secluded areas of your home. Some of the favorite hiding spots for Spiders are:

Living in their webs

Most Spiders make webs and there can be different web shapes depending on the species of spider-like some can be funnel-shaped and some can be orb-shaped. Some species of Spiders live in their webs.

Garden burrows and Webs

Others like to live in the burrows in the ground, mostly your garden beds would be their best hiding place behind the bushes. If you have heavy vegetation in your gardens then most likely spiders are attracted also to make that place their home. You will find large and thickly woven webs in your gardens all inside your dense vegetation and plants.

Cracks And Crevices Of Walls

Few spiders are free-ranging and they don’t live in webs or burrows rather they love to hide in the crevices in the wall. The best way to prevent them from living inside the cracks and crevices is to seal them.

Living In A Damp Environment

Some spider species love moist environments and if your house has a basement they love to feel like home there. Other than that the moist walls in the kitchen or bathroom can be their hiding place too.

Spiders Love Hoarders

INDOOR spiders like to live behind your storage cupboards or inside storage boxes. They love the clutter. Spiders adore the hoarders. The people who store the unwanted and useless stuff in their house and all that is stacked up spiders love that cozy place and make it home.

Laundry Is Not Left Alone

Some spiders can make their way into your laundry and sit in laundry baskets and cupboards. Always make sure that you clean up and shuffle your laundry basket and storage cupboard. Keep an eye on these invaders.

Spiders In Your Closet

Spiders can be found inside your closet too. Yes, your personal space has been shared by these arachnids. Always check your closet and clean up and shuffle your clothes because the corners and high areas of your closet can be spiders’ favorite place to hide.

Famous Outdoor Places To Find Spiders

OUTDOOR the spiders are often found inside your fence capping, the outside walls, gutters, eves and your bins are not left alone too. They are sitting under the bins handles or wheels. The darkroom of the letterbox is also one of their favorite places. The fence along the pool and the adjacent area where the pool’s pump is located are also vulnerable places for spiders to hide.

Old Tiles Stacks Or Log Stacks

Other than the outdoor structural places the spiders can be found behind anything you have stacked along your outside walls. The old tiles, a stack of logs or any unused item like an old tire that is just sitting there has the potential to provide perfect harborage for spiders. As mentioned above, they love secluded and dark areas.

The Ceiling Of Patios And Outdoor Furniture

The patios and outdoor furniture are also some of their favorite places to make their webs. They love to hide under the outdoor furniture and big outdoor plant pots.

Spiders Love Sheds

Sheds are mostly stacked with unwanted goods and things so it is the best place for spiders to hide.


Spiders most often found in the garage are the ones who either make their webs behind the storage shelves or some might be living inside your storage boxes. The household stuff stacked in the garage is the favorite place for spider harborage.

Garden lights or Outdoor Lights and Lamps

The lights which are perfect for your outdoor entertaining area at night time can be the best place for spiders to hang around too. The bugs and insects who are attracted to light are the favorite food of spiders so you will find spiders hanging around your outdoor lights.

Window Sills

Spiders love to make their webs in the window sill both outside and inside of the window. The most common are the spots between the screen and windows. These can be witnessed in the summer months when you have spiders coming out of hibernation and trying to get their food and shelter.

Door Frames

Door frames are the best entry point for the spiders to get inside your house, Mostly the main door has outside light or lamp too near it which becomes another source for spiders to easily get access inside your house.

Under The Sink

Spiders like undisturbed areas so under the sink is another place they love to hang around plus they can get water and food source can be available too as other insects also come near water sources to quench their thirst and hence becomes spider’s prey.

What Will Keep Spiders Away From Your House

There are many do-it-yourself products and methods which you can use to keep spiders away from your house. Following are the most effective methods.


Using Essential Oils

The use of essential oils has been proven effective for many problems, it can also be used to keep spiders away from your house. The peppermint oil spray is the most effective one, you can change the oil for making sure the effectiveness of treatment.


You can use vinegar as a remedy to ward off the spiders coming inside your house. Fill the spray bottle with equal quantities of vinegar and water and spray all around the corners, cracks, and crevices, and window sill and door frames all the redlight areas which can be used by spiders to get access inside.


Maintaining a clean environment of your house will surely offer you peace of mind from the bugging insects. Cleaning and vacuuming around your house will not provide a place for spiders to harbor their webs. Not only will the cleaning keep the spiders away it will help you to stay on top of any kind of pest infestation including ants and cockroaches. Spiders also get attracted to the place where they find food options.


Use Of Citrus

Spiders surely hate the smell of citrus, so having a citrus cut and rubbing it all around the places where you think spiders can come like skirting boards, window sills and corners will help keep spiders away from your house. You can also use strong citrus sprays for cleaning. Citrus scented candles are also helpful to keep spiders away from the house.

Turn Off Your Outdoor Lights

Small insects and bugs get attracted to light and as a result the spiders also come to the light globe to have their dinner. Turning off the lights will help to keep spiders away from entering the house. The indoor lights should also be blocked with the help of thick curtains in front of windows so that spiders do not hang around to wait for the prey.

turn lights off to deter insects and spiders